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Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Catherine was born and raised in Ohio.  She has been married 49+ years, is a mother of 4 children and has 7 grandchildren.  In 1989, she established the very first Moms In Prayer International group for her local school. Then in 1990,  she organized the first Hancock county 90-hour Bible Reading Marathon with 368 families, which continues to this day. In 1995 - 2000, she was the chairman for National Day of Prayer in her county and was assigned four additional counties in NW, Ohio to pray and work with other pastors.  In January 2007, she was challenged to pray first before she picked up her paint brush by a young student.  The young woman requested two completed art pieces for her to host a dance conference.  In this new approach, Cathy individually took "A Leap Of Faith" and encountered waves of an outpouring partnership of the Spirit's  "Open Heaven" with her art. Later in 2007, she was sent by God to a Lutheran church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she experienced and expanded from an individual level to a corporate level with God. 

In 2011, God sent her sovereignly to an International Arts Conference called "Destined For Greatness," where 1500 people from 60 nations gathered in Johannesburg, SA.  She marveled at how the nations spoke in many different languages but came together through the arts and in partnership with Holy Spirit! During the conference, all 60 nations were expressing their gratefulness to the Creator in worship through all the venues of Art!  After her return to USA, the Lord asked Catherine to draw four rectangle shapes on her journal.  God gave specific instructions to phone four artists to paint and display a free standing eagle, 9’ x 7’,  called “Under His Wings.”  It has been placed inside the City Municipal building just outside of the Mayor’s office.  Local city and county officials do recognize God’s blessing released through her faithful prayers and walking the streets.  She created and sent hand-written thank you notes from the art, "Under His Wings, You Shall Find Refuge, Psalm 91."  God called her to operate in a governing authority and blessed her weekly to pray for every staff member listed in the city, in the courthouse and in the county.  It took four years to complete this task assigned and to pray for all leadership two by two.

In December 2015, she had so much fun illustrating  an author's children's book called, “Lou Lou’s Friends To The Rescue.”   In March 2016, she first joined KBA but unexpectedly God sold her 29 1/2 year old home in 7 hours without a "for sale" sign, without being listed on MLS and without signed paperwork.  Her world turned upside down and inside out that year from the move.  But she currently has re-joined KBA and the Lord has revealed she is to live out as she is writing her third book, “Be Loved Under His Wings,” Psalm 91.  Her desire is to coach, to speak and to build an online collaborative, community of artists, intercessors and businesses.  God has released a unique, prophetic nature and a passion to worship, to pray and to paint themes of hope using her paint brush.  She was invited to paint live weekly at a Jewish Italian Deli, called Fuzzy Bernstein’s, before the 100 year flood closed the downtown business. She got published on the front page of the local newspaper and witnessed 100’s of people getting their lunch and getting a healing in their lives. 

Walk in the Light Painting

She paints live and wherever God sends her to release His Word.  Also, she and her husband participate in weekly global Torah studies through Simchat Torah Beit Midrash, led by Rabbi Ralph Messer.  For several years, she assisted Governing Apostle Blossom Brackman, director of  “Eagles Of Fire”.  Apostle ordained her as a Pastor and Prophetess. She conducts a yearly workshop called:  “Grand/Mother/ Daughter Art,” developing a Kingdom collaboration of artists, intercessors and businesses.  Cathy hears the hearts cry and gets to witness restoration of the spirit carried in generations. She teaches them to redeem the land where they live. Through the years, she has witnessed countless testimonies of people from all over the world!  You may contact her at  

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