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"Be loved under His wings..."

                                          "...Compelling hearts to bring hope."


Our transformational coaching curriculum is designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. We support you in developing and refining the skills you need to succeed. We’ll help you confront challenges head-on and develop a plan of action to overcome what has hindered you in the past.

Our Beloved Clients Receive:

  • Personalized coaching curriculum designed for you

  • Weekly/ Monthly coaching sessions

  • Specific action-oriented assignments

  • Direct email access to your coach

  • Confidential advice and accountability

  • And much, much more!

Wellness Coach

What did Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Esther and Ruth all have in common? They all had coaches who were blessed fathers and mothers in God's wisdom like... Abraham, Moses, Mordechai, Debra and Naomi!  These faithful leaders connected to God's heart and were committed leading people. Even in current times, great leaders continue to use coaches to help them achieve more and experience victory personally and corporately. If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want, Coach Cathy offers a "Beloved Breakthrough" coaching system to assist your progress. You will witness amazing improvement in each area of your life. With God and I, we will get to witness your results! Schedule an appointment today so that a clear focus and simple strategy can begin for you to be resilient! To learn more about how you can benefit from our customized Beloved strategy solutions, please click below.

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Beloved Coaching

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Creating Breakthrough

In life there will be certain seasons when you feel unable to make progress. It may be in one area, like your finances.


Or it may show up in numerous areas simultaneously and you feel “stuck” in your relationships, job, health, and more.


That’s when you need to know and employ the skill of creating breakthrough:

  • How to Master Adversity

  • 5 Highly Effective Tools for Leveling Mental Roadblocks

  • A Foolproof System for Accountability and Follow Through

  • The 3 Blind Spots that Undermine Your Best Efforts

  • How to Use Risk to Motivate Change

A Leap Of Faith Seven Secrets Of A Perso

Download Your FREE COPY NOW!

A Leap of Faith written by Cathy Schock

• My Joy And My Crown
• Be Of The Same Mind
• Journey Of Life

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