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Esther, Called and Chosen

Last month at the JOY Barn, it was incredible because the LORD showed up during the worship in the afternoon! It was as though a lingering of His Presence happened and shifted the atmosphere as the KING of the Universe enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed being with Him! The focus was all about remembering Him, His Name, and His Kingdom principles, especially the quality of "being holy," (Kadosh in Hebrew). To Remember is truly a gift GOD has given to us, good or bad. Memories can stir our hearts and minds how GOD brings us through His Love into victory!

Below is Julie True and her intimate worship music to the LORD, We Remember You! Deb Tenwalde, Marty Lutz and Heather Lutz express their worship in dance to the King of the Universe during our gathering! Enjoy!

I am so looking forward to this weekend again at the JOY Barn to celebrate the feast season of Purim and Esther. The focus is GOD is a GOD of Order and He began with a 7,000 year timeline, established seven covenants and His Feast days before the beginning of creation.

Esther, one person who was hidden but was used by GOD to save a nation, Israel, not yet born in HIStory. Today we witness nations across the world, where governments have been shaken in every way possible! GOD knows there are others, who have been "preserved and hidden," in every nation just like Esther. For such a time as this, God is raising up His sons and daughters, who desire to be used by GOD. Their communities and their nations are waiting to be saved from destruction and disorder too! Learn how you may be one of them and how to prepare your heart and family!

We personally invite you to join us and to participate in worship with dance and painting expressions.

Bring your passionate heart of prayer, enjoy lunch at noon on Saturday, and bring any art supplies or dance items to express your LOVE to the King! We gather on Friday evening, 5:30 - 8 pm for potluck and Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm EST at the JOY Barn!

Enthusiastically yours,

Pastor Catherine Schock

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