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Grand/Mother/Daughter Collaborative Artwork

There are so many families who have been broken and separated for a short period of time or for years. Everyone seems to know it or is in the middle of it, the brokenness... or dysfunction... that is. Despite believers strong pro-family values, negative or ill-will family patterns can hurt and impact us for generations. Two broken people can continue the cycle through marriage or through grand/parent/child relationships. But dysfunction cannot thrive if we choose to live out and to apply God's Biblical Truths (according to Torah, God's Teaching Instructions and Holy Spirit) in each cycle and each season of our personal lives.

My husband is a passionate Master Rose grower! One thing I know, he has driven hundreds of miles to get "good living root stock" because the rose plants could not survive nor produce good, lasting, delicious fruit! So what truths the roots feed on, is crucial! The Torah, God's teaching instructions, is still alive and releases LIFE to God's original plan. The living roots also include the seven covenants God made. It begins with the land of Eden, with Adam, with Noah, with Abraham, with Moses, with David and with the Renewed Covenant. Each of them and corporately, still actively bring in the fullness of God's Heart. According to the culture of Israel, somewhere in our family lineage, a few have chosen to take responsibility and to produce Merit in God's fullness! God ordained and endorsed these roots from the beginning of TIME! God does not make mistakes but He is in the business of restoring the mistakes in our lives and in the land!

I am learning to appreciate what the Scriptures have to say in the book of Ruth. Naomi represents Israel. Boaz represents Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach as the kinsman redeemer. Ruth represents the Christian Church as we know it today. And Orpah represents the Gentile people, who are lost, confused, and without the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. God weaves His FaithFULNESS in Spirit, in Truth and in Love. It is so exciting to know God is setting aside time in May 2021, to unfold a creative, collaborative way as a family. You will get to remember how close we really are to His Spirit of Love and Truth in our unique, personal family tree!

For most of you, I want to mention I have transferred my previous website to In the transition, I have been given a "new name" for a website called:

Not everything is completed but I wanted to send this first blog to everyone. I am not certain yet how to do email to let others know of this change? Still everything is in process and I do appreciate your patience as things are moving forward. Below is an updated flyer and a registration link for all who may be interested in participating. I come from a long line of God in my personal lineage to celebrate long term wedding anniversaries. I feel like an endangered species : ) But God is raising me up this year as we share our 50th in December 2021! All I know is to share, the BEST is YET to COME for you and me! I am so looking forward to meet you and to witness each family's collaborative artwork!

May the richest, abundant blessings come always to you and yours!

Enthusiastically in Christ,

Catherine Schock

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