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Here I AM Art Workshop

I am excited and look forward to what God will reveal in your life as you participate in "Here I Am Art" workshop held at The Joy Barn! I like to study God's Word and anticipate God's Love outpouring upon all. I know you'll have fun! I have discovered as I study, God paints brilliant colors of light by releasing "The Art of Revelation" in my daily walk. He faithfully brings hope during unstable times and releases revelation through painting.

Recently, God impressed upon me to remember a desperate mother named Hannah and her son, Samuel. In 1 Samuel 1, she yearned to bear a son and promised to dedicate him to God. Hannah kept her word to God and GOD kept His Word to her. Even though Eli and his sons weren't the greatest moral examples of good leadership, God enlarged Hannah's heart to grow and to trust in His Way. As Samuel grew each year, Hannah made him a garment. Here is a beautiful example of how FAITHFUL GOD is in situations we face and as we grow, especially within our own family and lineage. The Scripture reveals how rare God's word and vision was in those days. Today is no different for us! Sometimes we run to hear an encouraging word from someone else. Maybe we only feel God's Presence when we are with someone else. But we can know Emmanuel is with us...Matthew 1:23. We can get ourselves frustrated "waiting on GOD" when the Truth is, GOD patiently waits on us!

If you own a Bible, you may like to read this story beforehand and ask yourself a few questions.

* How can a child like Samuel, be trained to minister to God when he did not know God? 1 Samuel 2:18.

* Did Samuel simply keep busy with the schedule or did he actually have a tender heart to learn and to serve a God he didn't know?

* Do you feel like Samuel? Maybe you don't know God?

In Israel, Jews understand about a concept called merit. They were taught merit can be produced only while we are still alive on this earth! And this merit is not designed for us to benefit here on earth. But it is for our forefathers who had lived earlier and for those generations in the future who will live on earth. We get to read Hannah's desperate prayer from her heart in 1 Samuel 2. And Samuel's spirit was sent to earth through Hannah's merit to fulfill specific assignments. God equipped Samuel uniquely. Because you are reading my blog and you are still alive. Is it possible, someone in your family may have prayed for you? This is God's same pattern happening for you right now too!

Recently I hosted a Grand/Mother/Daughter Art Workshop. I received some feedback and a request to concentrate "more on teaching art skills" than on teaching the Word of God. A couple of people left disappointed. So this time, I will do my best to include several brief bullet points of Scripture to implement into the process of "painting live roses." I have been praying to God for each one who is sent across my path. As you paint, I trust your response to God will be like Samuel's, "Speak Lord your servant is listening!"

As a personal side note in 2006, I was challenged by a young lady. After two weeks, I finally responded like Samuel. But little did I know, God would open up the heavens to me! So if this happened to me, He can do the same for you : )

Excited to see you soon!


Cathy Schock

PS. For your convenience, I do offer a painting class on Wednesdays each week.

Here is a link if you would like to check it out:

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