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Reign In Him

When I saw this photo, I could not help but think of the words, "Surrender To God!" Even though it is raining upon the leaves, they are healthy, bright green, and carry a full weight of God's amazing Love! They drip with reminders of healing and of refreshing abundantly brought to all nations and to all generations! Shavuot was just celebrated and still, I am basking in God's rich glory of Life, individual Purpose, and corporate Destiny when we follow what He teaches in His Word! Just as the branches bow before a King with respect, Grace and Hope seem to surround and to be received with a gratefulness of being alive!

Shavuot is the time celebrated on Mt. Sinai, when God released the government of Torah and with heaven's 613 instructions to Moses! The people of Israel got to witness a thick cloud surrounding the mountain with power of lightning and thunder. Israel realized God set them apart as a holy nation and this day was different from all others. God was giving something unmatchless from His Heart to the people. Years later, it is also the exact time when Pentecost, the power of Holy Spirit, was released upon 120 people in the Upper Room.

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