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When Life Gets Out Of Control, GOD Turns Us "To Life"

After celebrating our 50th anniversary several weeks ago, we had stashed so many boxes in the back room. I decided to get clear plastic containers with lids and go through box by box piled with STUFF. Order is getting a little better each time I work on it but it is amazing how things can quickly get out of control!

I discovered loose photos haphazardly mixed with other things, like a Christmas card, my son Andy gave to me. For some reason, I opened the envelope and discovered an Amazon gift card was inside with a receipt dated 2018. I wondered how it got placed in this box with all these photos? I began to think how Life seems to be in chaos. In Genesis 1:2 says: "The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of GOD was hovering over the face of the waters." Even GOD has a Divine Order that He speaks LIGHT and LIFE to. So treasures are revealed along the way, just at the right time when we need it! I actually used the valid hidden three-year code and bought two expensive books for $10! I found things from my husband's parents and my parents (both sets gone), as well as our family and grandchildren. Lots of memories and feelings got stirred up inside my heart!

GOD sent Deborah to me. Several years ago, I was at my wit's end with technology and ready to give up all my struggles! But she contacted and shared with me, her "feeling out of control!" So I invited her to paint the "out of control feelings." Teachers did not encourage her in the arts. So above is her painting she mailed to me! I was absolutely captivated by this piece. I know it is mainly one color, monochromatic, feels heavy with a tornado chaos in the dark. The assignment was to paint a picture of what I dreamt. All I could feel and see was how I was caught in turmoil, like a destructive tornado! We all know “in the center of the storm” is where Peace and quiet Redemption dwell. As prayer was lifted up for Deb, revelation came to simply turn the piece as GOD sees it. Your artwork speaks volumes to bring LIFE, La Chaim, to Life in Hebrew!

But I prayed and asked GOD for His Wisdom on how He sees this piece! At the time I saw no signature so I wasn't certain what was the top and bottom? But the Lord had me turn it and keep looking carefully. After several moments, I really got excited and shared her piece with my students!

Look what happens when it is simply turned?

Hidden things we may carry deep inside of our hearts DO come out in art. It looks like her silhouette as she explained how she chose to paint a red door inside of her mind. Her painting is a visual reminder of humility at the Cross when Jesus Christ died and replaced every mental dis-ease with renewal and redemption for us to receive in life. God gave me the word for myself and others, "Restitution for 2022!" Already Deborah and I are beginning to receive back what the locusts have eaten in our lives, and so will you!

Several weeks ago, I was asked to offer an Art workshop. GOD touched each of us in a powerful way. The inspiration was John 4:1-42, describing the "Woman At The Well" as Jesus asked her for a drink. The focus emphasized "La Chaim," which means "to Life" in Hebrew, as we clinked our cups to bless one another! We still can choose to celebrate Life in the environment of accusations, turmoil and struggles like we all experience. GOD allows negative circumstances to turn up the fire but, it's because our individual Purpose is revealed. We get to produce a clearer Image and Likeness of GOD's nature by following His instructions and answering His Questions. Then we can thank and praise the Master of Life, like she did! Her LIFE was touched and changed by the King of the Universe.

Can you imagine the King of the Universe asking you and I to provide Him with a drink of Living Water? What lives in your cup of water as you offer it to Him? What do you see He is doing for and in you in 2022?

I would like to personally invite you to come and to participate in an Art Workshop called: "La Chaim", Part 2.

It will be held:

January 29, 2022, Saturday.

The JOY Barn

3475 County Road 139

McComb, Ohio 45858-9412

from 10 am - 3 pm.

Bring a hot or cold dish and share with others.

Cost: $20 for canvas, paint supplies, etc.

Enthusiastically yours,

Catherine Schock


PS. Kindly RSVP by January 27.

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