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What Do You Practice

We had an AMAZING Shabbat last Friday at the Joy Barn because there was much breakthrough within all of our hearts as we shared "What Do We Practice" video from listening to it. We all could relate to what this little boy spoke! God is preparing us for Yom Kippur in September 24, 2023. Each decision we make FOR LIFE, benefits and strengthens us FIRST and then those who lived before us on earth and those who will live after us within our 1,000+ year lineage.

The LIGHT BULB finally turned on one day, thank GOD and it was revealed for the first time how GOD truly saw me! I remember looking into the mirror for 35 years and how I could NOT think of "one" kind or good thing I could say to myself! Even though I wore a beautiful smile on the outside, I was quite empty, broken and carried fear and anger for years! We can ONLY give away to others what we carry inside of our heart beginning with our Image of God and then our personal self-image. And as we learn to adapt to the LORD and Biblical and Hebraic principles, in time and obedience to God's ways, we witness transformation! But an important key to remember happens for us when we trade and let go of the emptiness, the brokenness along with fear and anger. GOD's desire for LOVE in Truth (Emet, in Hebrew) when we allow His desires to become ours.

What happens when we get to walk forward in obedience to Biblical and to Hebraic principles? The boots above help us remember, we get to see transformation happen. Because we count it a privilege not only to walk with peace and Divine Order but also, we get to witness those around us, watch their chaos being replaced too! God properly aligns so we can witness our own desires change. What desire agrees with His desire? Does He see one thing you have overcome in Life? Rev 2:7  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the Paradise of my God. 

Is there anyone to forgive in LOVE? I started with learning to forgive myself and extended more Grace to myself. As we delight in Him more and more, He strengthens the desires of our hearts to want to live MORE like His, within our SOULS. Mark 8:36-37...For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life? For what will a man give in exchange for his life? Where does it lead me or others connected with me? I am very grateful to God for leading me to a great mentor and teacher online, Rabbi Ralph Messer and Mrs. Messer and staff. Check out Monday evenings, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings and afternoons each week.

They have taught we live daily on a trading floor like Wall Street. Each day we get to be alive we get to trade. Notice anything you may be trading? Recently Rabbi has been teaching on the 18 blessings, Shemoneh Esrei Amidah, Jews honor and pray 3X

a day at 9 am, Noon, and 3 pm. Lots of Divine appointments have and do happen for your benefit. Try it this week and enjoy your personal time within you and the LORD. You may begin to notice a refreshing in your SOUL, the little piece of GOD that will return to HIM after the days on earth are fulfilled by you!

And the puzzle pieces standing with others fit perfectly. Even if our piece in life has a weird shape with crazy curves and sharp points, the pieces still make the BIG PICTURE come alive! Would you agree? I included this photo of a 550 piece puzzle Larry and I did when our grandchildren came to visit! Only one piece seems to be missing and appears to be a Cross shape! We CANNOT live without GOD or without each other.

Even if we believe we can, we are only kidding ourselves. We have been marked with Ahava Love from before the beginning of Time began. So I feel like the missing piece in my life is YOU. I cannot fulfill my assignment here on earth without the God inside of you.

If Jesus Christ is in each of us, we can repel or attract others by what is spoken and what is felt when looking in the mirror. This year in January 2023, I kept feeling my heart break for men specifically. So much is going on in our world with governments, families and moral, ethical standards collapsing. So I began concentrating my focus on the direction GOD has set for me. In March 2023, Larry and I visited some friends in Tennessee. During prayer with her, I strongly felt GOD take scattered puzzle pieces of my life and is sending me to pray for 40,000 men, who desire to stand for Moral and Ethical Righteousness together. I must admit, I was quite surprised! Yet since January I wrote a prayer from 1 Corinthians 13, 14, and 15. So I pray a written prayer 2X a day for all these men whether I know their names or not. All I know is they come from the N, S, E, and W. Two months ago I could not remember names. So I began writing them down in my pink book titled: "Making Things Happen!" I have close to 500 names written down of sons, fathers, neighbors, grandfathers, grandsons, uncles, brothers, and/or cousins and the city they live in.

Since the days of Pharoah, he wanted to kill baby boys, like Moses. Then King Herod wanted to kill Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Television programs arose like "Father's Knows Best," but again men have been attacked. So I have decided to write a best seller book and I am writing Chapter 5 currently. When I get my rough draft finished, I would like to ask for your help in two ways:

1. Share your feedback with me.

2. Write a review on Amazon for me.

3. Contact me at:

Please let me know if you would like to be a part of my 50-person launch team!

I would be glad to send you a signed copy of my published book when finished. Or I can send you an 8" x 10" print of Under His Wings, Psalm 91. If you live here locally, check out the collaborative original artwork. It is located on the third floor of our City Municipal building just outside of the Mayor's office diagonal from the Findlay Courthouse on Main street in Findlay, Ohio.

I am excited to hear from you!


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